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There are LOTS of photographers out there, I know!  So, I thought I’d make your job a little easier by compiling a collection of the questions I’m asked most often.  I hope these answers help!

∗  How would you describe your style?  I aim to connect with my subjects in a way that lets them feel comfortable being themselves in front of the camera and helps them forget they’re being photographed.  I want the experience of being photographed to be a positive and illuminating for both parties involved, which means really being present.  I’m there to capture the moments, not create them, so you don’t have to worry about me barking orders or making you do poses that are totally not you.  I may at times direct you to a certain area for lighting purposes, but then I will step back and let you do your thing.  You can expect to come away with a timeless collection of photographs that tell the story of your wedding day from a unique and sensitive perspective.

∗  What is your pricing?  Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to get you all the #’s!

∗  How do I reserve you for my wedding?  I will send you a contract for you to review, sign and send over with a deposit to reserve your wedding date.

∗  Do you have an assistant?  Always, my assistant works by my side capturing scenes from an alternative perspective, guaranteeing we capture the big picture and all the sweet little moments happening on the sidelines.

∗  Do you have a second shooter?  If the timeline requires me to be in two places at the same time, I will often bring on a second lead photographer to help cover the event.  For example, if there is not enough time for me to photograph the guys and the girls before the ceremony, a second shooter can photograph the guys while I’m shooting the gals. Second shooters are also great for large church ceremonies, where we are often required to be stationary, this allows us to cover multiple angles.  Another great reason for a second shooter is cocktail hour coverage and reception details.  Cocktail hour is typically the time when I’m shooting family photos, the bridal party and bride and groom photos, having another lead photographer present guarantees we miss nothing!

∗  Do you charge for travel?  If your wedding is further then 30 miles from my location, I will add on a standard mileage rate compensation or the cost of airfare for myself and my assistant.  For out of town weddings, I also ask that you cover our accommodations and if possible have us stay at the same location as the wedding party or somewhere comparable and nearby.

∗  Are your photos edited?  Yes, what you see on my website is how you can expect all of your photos to look.

∗  Do you offer digital downloads?  Yes, the Wedding Commission includes shared copyright and access to download the high rez version of all the edited photos from your wedding day.

∗  What is your turnaround time?  Within the first week you can expect to see a few sneak peaks on my Instagram page.  After 2-3 weeks, I will feature a collection of my favorite shots on my web blog.   Then, a week or two later I will have all of your photos uploaded to your web gallery where you can view, share and download all of your images.

∗  Can you photoshop people?  Eyes closed, hair out of place, distracting person in background….yes, I can fix it!

∗  Do you offer albums?  Yes, I’ll be happy to email you a catalog with samples and pricing.

∗  Do you offer photos in color and black and white?  Yes, I always select a handful of photos that I feel look better in black and white or that are duplicates of a color version, also color photos can always be converted or printed in black and white.

∗  How many photos will we receive?  An 8 hour wedding averages anywhere from 1200-2000 photos.

∗  Do you shoot film?  No.

∗  Do you offer engagement sessions?  Yes, we can add them to your wedding commission for a custom package.

∗  Do you offer bridal portraits?  Yes, these can also be added to your wedding commission.

∗  Do you attend rehearsals?  I don’t typically attend rehearsals unless it’s a location I’ve never photographed or unless the family requests me to photograph the rehearsal dinner.  Photographing the rehearsal   dinner is a great way for me to meet the families and bridal parties so we are all familiar with each other for the wedding day.  I highly recommend it!

∗   My fiance doesn’t like having his photo taken do you have any suggestions to help him loosen up?   No worries, I’ve never met a guy who loves to have his photo taken, I’m all about keeping things loose and comfortable and letting you guys have fun and be you, I’m not going to make anyone perform ridiculous acts of PDA if that’s not your thing.  I’ll give pointers when necessary, but I’m really all about getting you guys comfortable and then getting out of the way and capturing the magic.

∗    Are you insured?  Absolutely.

∗    Are you ok with guests asking you to take a photo of them with their phone?  Neither myself nor my assistant will take photos with your guest’s cell phones.  The  reason being, if we are taking photos with everybody’s phone, then we’re missing out on all the magic happening around us and that’s not why you hired us!

∗   If we book you and due to illness or any other emergency you are unable to photograph our wedding will you have a commensurate replacement?  Yes!      I’m part of great network of very talented photographers and we all have each others backs, so you’re in good hands!

∗   Do you take posed family photos?   Yes, I believe these are very important, but I also recommend keeping these to a minimum so nobody gets photo fatigue.  Large group photos require extra lighting setup as well as coordination so if this is something you want, just be aware it will require extra time.

 ∗  Do you require a shot list?  Yes, we will work on one together.  Shot lists help the family and group photos run smoothly and in a timely fashion, which means everybody gets to the reception quicker, woo hoo!!!

 ∗  Do you take photo requests from Pinterest boards and other websites?  If you like the way I shoot, then give yourself a break from Pinterest and trust me!  


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